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The Word Association Tool helps you to explore qur’anic diction by seeing which words frequently occur with another one. There are three ways to access the tool.

  1. Open the Dictionary Tool (Browse Menu > Dictionary), find the word you want to see associations for, then click the icon.
    ... or ...
  2. Open the Root List (Browse Menu > Word Lists > List Roots), find the root you want see associations for, then click the icon.

    ... or ...
  3. Directly open the Word Association Tool (Browse Menu > Word Associations), then use either the list of Arabic roots or transliterated roots to find the root you would like to see associations for. As soon as you choose a root, its word associations will be displayed.

Using the Results of the Word Association Tool

Once you have chosen a root, the Word Association Tool will list every other root that occurs in a verse along with your chosen root. For example, in the screen shot below, Qur’an Tools is showing every Arabic root that occurs in the same verse as the root  'bd. 

1 Display the Results as a Table. By default, the Word Association Tool displays a list of other words that associate with your chosen one as a table.
2 Display the Results as a Bar Chart. If you prefer to see things graphically, click this button to see the results of this Word Association analysis as a bar chart. (If there are more than 50 results, Qur’an Tools will show just the first 50, so the chart doesn't get too cramped).
3 Display the Results as a Pie Chart. Exactly as it says on the tin. You can display (up to 50) results as a pie chart.
4 Choose Another Root. Click this to reset the Word Association Tool and choose another root (from one of the pick lists) to examine.
5 Arabic. Qur’an Tools shows you the Arabic as well as a transliteration of each root. You can use the arrows at the top of this column to sort by (Arabic) alphabetic order.
6 Transliteration. The transliterated form of each root. Use the arrows to sort by (transliterated) alphabetic order.
7 Appearance Count. This third column shows you the number of times each root listed appears in a verse with the root you are analysing. So, in the example above, 'lh occurs 30 times in the same verse as 'bd.
8 Count. Click on any number in this column and Qur’an Tools will show you every verse where this root appears with the root you are analysing. So, in the example above, if you clicked on "30", Qur’an Tools would show you all the verses in which 'lh occurs with 'bd.
9 Info Icon. Click the icon to view additional information about this particular root.