Qur’an Tools is not optimised for narrow screens

Qur’an Tools offers you three different ways to input Arabic letters when you’re entering search terms on the home page. You can use the Arabic itself, or the English transliteration, or the  Buckwalter encoding. (The latter was a system invented by Tim Buckwalter that tries to capture every aspect of qur’anic orthography).

The table below shows every Arabic letter along with its transliteration and also its Buckwalter equivalents. If you have trouble remembering these when entering search terms, use the pop up keyboard on the home page:

Arabic Letters and Their Transliterations and Buckwalter Encodings

Arabic Transliteration Buckwalter
ا ' A
ب b b
ت t t
ث th v
ج j j
ح H
خ kh x
د d d
ذ dh *
ر r r
ز z z
س s s
ش sh $
ص S
ض D
ط T
ظ Z
ع E
غ gh g
ف f f
ق q q
ك k k
ل l l
م m m
ن n n
ه h h
و w w
ي y y