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To lookup a portion of the Qur’an, simply type what you are looking for into the search box on the Qur’an Tools home page.

You can lookup verses or passages in a number of ways:

  • Type 2 to lookup a single sura, in this case sura 2.
  • Type 110-114 to lookup a range of suras, in this case suras 110 through 114.
  • Type 90f to lookup a sura and the one immediately after it: in this case suras 90 and 91.
  • Type 108- or 108ff to lookup everything from a sura to the end of the Qur’an: in this case suras 108 to 114.

You can also, of course, lookup single verses or a range of them. For example:

  • A single verse: 19:19
  • A range of verses within a single sura 19:19-22
  • TIP

    You can also type the sura name (either the Arabic name or the English). So, for example, these are all equivalent:

    • 2:1-10
    • Al Baqarah:1-10 <- don't forget the colon between the sura name and the verse
    • The Cow:1-10 <- don't forget the colon between the sura name and the verse
    You can see a complete list of sura names, in Arabic and English, using the Sura List tool.

  • A range of verses across several suras: 112:1-114:2
  • A verse and the one that follows it: 40:13f
  • A verse and everything after it, up to end of its sura: 106:1- or 106:1ff
  • A set of discontinuous verses in a sura: 19:4,11,14,19-22,52

It’s also possible to lookup multiple references in one search, by separating them with a semicolon (;). For example:

Once you have a entered a reference into the search box and hit enter, Qur’an Tools will display the verses you have asked for in its  browser for you to study.