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The Cross Reference Formulae in Suras tool, found under the “Formulae” menu, lists all the formulae found in a sura, showing you where each occurs elsewhere in the Qur’an. It looks like this:

1 Sura to Analyse. When you first open the tool, it will show sura 1. To show a difference sura, simply pick its number from the pick list here.
2 Formula Length and Type. You can choose the type of formulae that Qur’an Tools counts and shows in the report. (The length is the number of Arabic words in a formula; the type allows you to choose from any of the three formula types that Qur’an Tools understands). Learn more about formula lengths and types here.
3 Verse. This column of the report lists each verse of the sura in which one or more formulae are found. (Click on the reference to open that verse in Qur’an Tools’ verse browser).
4 Formulae. Lists each formulae (of the type and length you’ve specified in #1 above) found in the sura. (Click on any formulae in the list to browse the text of every verse in the Qur’an where it appears). Underneath each transliteration is shown a brief gloss of the formula, or the words in it. (You can turn these formulaic glosses off in Preferences if you would prefer not to see them).
5 Occurrences in Same Sura. Lists every time the formulae appears in the same sura as the one you are examining. (Click on any reference to open the verse browser and show where the formula appears in the verse; or, if there is more than one verse listed, click "View All Verses" to see all of them on one page).
6 Occurrences in Other Suras. Lists every time the formulae appears in suras other than the one you are examining.

If you scroll to the bottom of the window, at the bottom of the list of formulae and verses, you’ll find a summary (like that shown below) showing you how many formulae Qur’an Tools found in total in this sura (“Formulae Analysed”), and how many have matches either in this sura or in other suras:


If you would prefer to list and cross reference the formulae in a selection (either of verses, or of search results) rather than a single sura, you can do that using the Cross Reference Formulae in Selection tool.