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The Formulaic Commonalities report (found under the ‘Formulae’ menu) shows you all the formulae that a sura has in common with other suras. It’s a powerful to trace and export the formulaic diction that underpins the qur’anic text and its composition.

1 Sura to Examine. Pick the sura you want to use as your ‘base’ and look for formulaic commonalities for in other suras.
2 Sura to Cross-Check. Pick the other sura you want to look for commonalities/connections to.
3 Formula Length and Type. Choose which formula length and type you want to look for (or choose ‘Any’ and ‘All Formula Types’ to look for all formulae).
4 Report Type. Choose ‘Group by Verses’ and the report will list every verse in the first sura (#2 above) together with any formulae in that also occurs in the other sura (#3 above). Or choose ‘Group by Formulae’ and the report will instead simply list every formula along with its occurrence statistics, like this:

5 Formula List. Explore the list of formula here. Click on any formula (or occurrence count) to open the verses that show it. Underneath each transliteration is shown a brief gloss of the formula, or the words in it. (You can turn these formulaic glosses off in Preferences if you would prefer not to see them).
6 Show as Chart. Click the icon to see a chart showing the formulae in common between this sura and every other sura in the Qur’an.